Large Statement Necklace,

Large Statement Necklace,

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Large Statement Necklace, floral gemstone necklace, large pendant, paua shell necklace, artisan jewelry, organic original jewelry, pearl

The necklace is made by me in my studio with hand held tools and handmade processes.

This necklace is sterling silver. Mostly I used collage technique. All the pieces are soldered each other securely. Paua shell and the pearl is set in silver and also whole piece is oxidated (patine) as extra process to give its wonderful vintage look.

This beautiful pendant is 2''(without the bail) long and 1.25'' wide. Necklace length is 20''..

This is a one of a kind artisan necklace, cannot be reproduced.

It comes in a beautiful gift box.


The brilliant light that radiates from Paua shells, along with the amazing patterns in it, come from the crystal layers that are created due to the protein and calcium present in them.
In the Maori language, paua is the name given to the abalone (Haliotis Iris) species. This shellfish is found only in the coastal waters of New Zealand. On an average, a paua is around five inches in size and is mostly oval shaped. There are two primary uses of paua. Firstly, it is harvested for its meat, which is considered a traditional Maori delicacy; secondly, the shells are used to make jewelry and other gift items.

The world over, there are more than hundred varieties of Abalone. However, paua is the most sought-after among these. This is due to the vibrant, catchy, and iridescent colors of its shell; they come in various kinds of hues―right from green and blue, to pink, purple, and golden. Traditionally, these shells were used by Maori people to highlight 'eyes' in their artwork. For example, when it came to depicting rage in the eyes of warriors, red paua shells were used. Many traditional and contemporary crafts of New Zealand are made using these shells even today. Also, paua shells have always been an indispensable part of jewelry making in New Zealand.