About Us & Our Creations

Custom engraved jewelry, Handwriting necklaces, handwriting rings, handwriting bracelets,


My name is Mimi, We are running this small family business as husband and wife and a small cat helping sometime. I have a l degree in Graphic art and I believe I have colorful and friendly personality. For most of my adult life I have worked in art related occupations such as jewelry design and sales as an independent crafter. Habby is technically very compedant and does all engraving for us.

My jewelry is made with Sterling silver. I can solder, shape and stone set using semi precious stones as well as hammering to give pattern. Lately I have been producing personalized engraved items where I transfer writing or hand drawings into Sterling silver or copper items. The writing or drawing is supplied by the customer and these are transferred on to rings, bracelets and necklaces.
My work is original and I can take on the challenge provided by a custom request by the customer. Personalized jewelry, engraved rings and engraved necklaces are our specialty.

I love to display my creations, communicate with my customers, and make sales. I guarantee that you will get sterling silver and original work from me. Customer satisfaction is very important and you can see this by looking at the reviews.

Please do not hesitate to send me a message and ask me if I can help you with the design or the gemstone you want, or the way you are imagining it to be made only for you as a one of a kind piece.

We produce our own design, pattern or image as well as transferring your writing or image to silver. We believe we can work fast, produce high quality items and we are pretty certain you will get a pleasant experience with us.